Qingyuan Chimelong Water Purification Plant Started Trial Operation

The Qingyuan Chimelong Water Purification Plant, for which GEDI serves as the lead EPC contractor, recently started trial operation.

This project is a key infrastructure project in Chimelong International Tourist Resort of Qingyuan, and is mainly meant to process the wastewater generated by the employees and tourists, from catering services, animal feeding, medical services and other activities in the resort. In Phase 1, the daily wastewater treatment capacity is 20,000 m3. It will effectively reduce pollution and emission, promote sustainable and balanced development of economy and environment of the city, and generate significant environmental and social benefits.

After comprehensively analyzing the domestic and foreign mainstream wastewater treatment processes and drawing lessons from the previous similar projects, GEDI adopted the food chain reactor (FCR) wastewater treatment process, which is an internationally advanced and well-developed technology. This process allows the output water quality to meet the Quasi Class IV standard for surface water. In comparison with the conventional water treatment processes, this process reduces the area by 50%, energy consumption by 30% and sludge production by 35%. Additionally, GEDI incorporated landscape design by taking the ecological requirements of ecotourism and rural beautification into account, to create an "ecopark" that perfectly combines the wastewater treatment system and vegetative landscape.