The First 11 MW Wind Turbines of Shenquan II Offshore Wind Farm Connected to the Grid

On December 1, the first 11 MW wind turbines of SPIC Jieyang-Shenquan II Offshore Wind Farm Project ("Project" for short), constructed by GEDI through EPC contracting, were successfully connected to the grid for power generation.

The 11MW wind turbines have currently the world's maximum unit capacity in mass production. One single wind turbine of this type is designed to generate 38.2 million kWh of power per year, which can meet the annual power demand of 19,000 households.

The Project is China's first offshore wind farm project to start construction with a unit capacity of over 10 MW. Its total installed capacity is 502 MW, with 34 sets of 11 MW wind turbines and 16 sets of 8 MW wind turbines installed, and one 220 kV offshore step-up substation constructed.

Upon its completion, it is expected to provide 1.734 billion kWh of clean power every year. Compared with coal-fired power plants of the same scale, it will annually save about 527,300 tons of standard coal consumption and reduce 1.4029 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Moreover, it will vigorously promote the construction of ten million kilowatt offshore wind power bases in eastern Guangdong, and inject fresh momentum into the goal of carbon neutrality.

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