The First Fair-price Offshore Wind Power Project in China Put into Full-capacity Operation

Recently, the CGN 500MW Offshore Wind Power Project ("Project" for short) surveyed and designed by GEDI was put into full-capacity operation, marking the full-capacity grid-connected operation of the first domestic fair-price offshore wind power project. It also launches a milestone that the first million-kilowatt-class offshore wind power base in eastern Guangdong Province is up and running.

Located in Shanwei City, Guangdong Province, the Project is the first to start construction, the first to put into grid-connected power generation, and the first to realize full-capacity operation among the domestic fair-price offshore wind power projects. The project is currently the largest offshore wind power project with the highest voltage level in China. The total installed capacity of the project is 500 MW, with 78 wind turbines of 6.45 MW installed, including a 220 kV offshore booster station and a 500 kV onshore booster station shared by CGN Houhu, Jiazi I and Jiazi II projects.

Upon completion, the Project can provide about 1.5 billion kWh clean electric energy each year, and reduce about 460,000t standard coal consumption or about 1,200,000t CO2 emission, equivalent to the effect of afforestation of about 3,400ha. Therefore, it is of great significance for promoting China's ecological environment protection, energy supply guarantee, new power system establishment, clean energy industry, and carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.

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